OSHC = Outside School Hours Care

Hello parents and friends from Porepunkah Primary School. My name is Nicole and I am the OSHC Coordinator here at the school.  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and also my staff and let you know what services we offer here at Porepunkah Primary.

We are very lucky to offer three services here:

Vacation Care (VAC)

Opens school holidays from 8:00am - 6:00pm

Team Members: Nicole, Lee, Julie, Chloe, Kayla

Vacation care is school holiday care for primary aged students in the Alpine district.  This service provides care for all children, whether parents are working or not, over school holidays.  It is a way for children to meet and socialise with their friends on the holidays.  We provide care for children from Porepunkah and surrounding schools. An educational program goes out before each school holidays which explains the range of activities, incursions and excursions planned.  This can include cooking, sports, arts and crafts, dancing, group games, gardening, sewing and many more.  We constantly receive positive feedback on activities held and we enjoy the children’s input as to what they would like to do and what they would prefer not to do.  As an educator it can be challenging to plan a program that considers every primary school age group and capabilities.  But overall we believe Vacation Care is a happy, friendly, safe and fun place to be!

Our program has been scaled back for these Winter holidays and as you can appreciate it has been quite tricky to navigate around the Covid situation once again!   Due to the unpredictability of Covid, limited numbers at venues and Government regulations we are only going on one excursion these holidays.  However there are plenty of activities planned!

View the most recent Holiday Program here

Before School Care  (BSC)

Open on school days from 7:30am - 8:50am

Staff: Nicole, Julie & Kayla

Before School Care is a service to help working parents who need to start or leave for work early.  We provide a relaxed caring environment in the mornings with the opportunity that children can work on any homework, reading or free time.  We also provide a healthy breakfast and have just started a Breakfast Program that operates once a month where the BSC children are running our OSHC CAFÉ.  All children are invited to come and enjoy a free breakfast from 8:30am.  The children are signed out of this care around 8:50am as class teachers are on yard duty.  Alternatively children are welcome to stay at the service until first bell rings.

After School Care

Open on school days from 3:25pm - 6:00pm

Staff: Nicole, Lee, Julie & Kayla

This service is available for parents requiring care for children after school hours.  Also, for those children who enjoy doing extra activities during the week, this service provides extra educational activities and socialising with friends.  Children are marked on a role and then accompanied into the OSHC room.  We provide a healthy snack which is then followed by any homework and the children do their readers.  Following this we have a planned activity for the rest of the afternoon.  This may include, cooking, free play outside, arts & crafts, a movie, sports and many more activities.

Pupil Free Days and Prep Free Days

(First four Wednesdays of Term 1)

We also provide care on these days similar to Vacation care.

Programs for Vacation Care 2019 will go out early December.  All new prep students for 2019 are eligible to attend in January upon completion of an OSHC Enrolment Form.

If you wish to use this service please call, text or email to make a booking.


Kind regards,

Nicole Walsh      OSHC Coordinator


PH:  0413 368 325