Our school is made better by your active care, concern and support. Your role is to be as supportive as you can, as often as you can, making this a much better place for your children to be. Remember that Porepunkah Primary is now “YOUR” school!

You are encouraged to be an active part of the total education process by being involved in any way you can. This might include being involved in one or more of the following:

  • School Council
  • Grants Committee
  • Parents and Friends Association
  • special fund raising events
  • listening to reading
  • being a classroom helper
  • going on camps and excursions
  • helping with the winter ski program
  • being an active member of the grounds roster
  • enjoying organised social events
  • watching performances with the children
  • assisting the classroom teachers



Porepunkah is such a great school because it is “owned” by its community in the true sense of the word. The Principal is available at all times to speak with any member of the community.

People place great value in this school and are willing to give it their wholehearted support. The children, parents, teachers and community members all work very hard to make this the best possible learning environment and as such you are becoming part of a long and very proud tradition.

Please assist at every opportunity and seek to be active and involved. Your child will very quickly pick up on the value of education if they see you playing an active and interested role in the process. Keep the lines of communication open at all times and please strive to play a positive part in the life of this school community. We value your input and your children will benefit enormously as a result.