Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise in Schools Program

This experience is offered to students in Grades 5 and 6.  It is a collaborative, hands on program which teaches young people how to run a business.  Through this year long program, students learn how to set up and manage their own social enterprise – a business with a social purpose.  Most of all it helps young people build skills, confidence and links with the broader community.

Students identify and explore a social issue to support financially, and they then go on to create a social enterprise as a way of finding creative sustainable solutions to that issue.

It empowers young people of all ages by preparing them to take responsibility for their own learning and their own futures, and in doing so, allows them to change their lives and those of others at home and abroad.

It is aimed at encouraging and supporting young people to discover and develop their enterprise, entrepreneurial and employability skills.

The program:

  • builds enterprise, leadership, numeracy, literacy and creative thinking skills
  • includes practical, engaging and inclusive learning suitable for any age and ability
  • builds on strengths and develops confidence
  • develops students as responsible citizens with more understanding of social justice and the world around them