School Vision and Values

School Vision

The school vision is to work together as a school community to empower every learner to reach their potential.

This is one that places every learner at the centre to ensure all students achieve success in their learning.

Our purpose is to create an inclusive, safe and a high-quality learning environment where learners are guided in the development of: a love of learning, healthy self-esteem, rising to challenges, confidence, independence and are happy, positive children who strive for excellence in lifelong learning.

School Mission

Porepunkah Primary School is committed to empowering students to learn, achieve and equip them with the knowledge, skills and dispositions for lifelong learning and for shaping the world around them.

School Values

We are committed to developing persistent, kind and respectful learners.

Learning Community Values

Through our Learning Community, our curriculum aims to develop in every child:

  • The desire to learn and be a lifelong learner
  • The ability to show personal growth and feel a sense of belonging
  • A grateful and positive mindset
  • The powers of critical thought and problem solving
  • Literacy and numeracy skills to enable them to access the world around them
  • A love of the world around them, the environment and the local community
  • An ability to appreciate and express ideas through the arts
  • An acceptance of differences, cultural understanding and empathy for others
  • An awareness of the importance of a fit, healthy and safe lifestyle
  • The use of their voice to make and cause change