Student Voice and Leadership

Porepunkah Primary School values the voice of our students and is actively seeking ways to improve opportunity for students to contribute to their school.  We acknowledge that students have unique perspectives on learning, teaching, and schooling, and should be able to actively shape their own education.

​Student Leaders

Year six student leaders are selected each semester through an election process to represent Porepunkah Primary School.  Our student leaders then take on an active role within the school, leading the fortnightly school assembly and representing the school at official functions such as ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day ceremonies.  Student leaders are consulted on school decisions and are supported to implement ideas for change.

Junior School Council

Our school has recently re-established an active Junior School Council.  The Junior School Council consists of students from each classroom elected for a semester to represent the views of the students of their classroom.  Representatives are expected to attend meetings, make time to talk to their class and report back to their class on any decisions made. Students are supported in their ideas, projects and events by the staff, parents and School Council.

Sport House Leaders

Students in years five and six are selected to be the leader of the school sport houses – Bogong, Buffalo and Hotham.  They assist with the organisation of whole school sport events, represent their house and accept the trophy if their house wins.  Students are supported by the 5/6 classroom teacher to fulfil their role for the semester.

Active Travel Ambassadors

A small group of students from years 4-6 lead the organisation of the Active Travel Days each school term.  These students are required to select a day, liaise with the Parents and Friends group to arrange breakfast, advertise the event and ensure that the day runs smoothly.  This group has given our boys the chance to take on leadership in a supported way.

Garden Club

With parent support, a group of younger students have taken on the role of caretakers of the school’s vegetable garden.  They are responsible for the equipment, growing and harvesting fruit and vegetables and the school’s compost bins.