Play Facilities

Porepunkah Primary School has had many years of support from the wider community through fundraising and volunteer labour and as a result we have a fun, diverse and engaging play environment.

Nature Play

Our student play area was rejuvenated over the past five years with the purpose of promoting nature play at the school.  The landscaping has been modelled on Mount Buffalo recognising the spectacular and special environment we are so lucky to have looking over us. This also fosters an appreciation of the natural environment in students where they can use their imagination to play on large rocks and wooden stepping poles. Wooden tepees scattered around the playground are for all students to use as a space for creative, reflective and imaginative outdoor play.

Tree Climbing

Students are allowed to climb trees while at school.  We believe that climbing strengthens students’ muscles, helps them with balance and coordination and helps them to work out their physical limitations. Taking risk in play challenges and stimulates their brains for learning.  The only limits we have are how high you can climb and in which trees.

Ropes Course

A ropes course in the southwest corner of the school yard encourages and appeals to the adventurous spirit of some of the students and encourages them to take safe risks and explore some of their physical limits.

Totem Poles

The addition of three totem poles has been included in our landscape and this represents the respects we pay to the first landholders here, the aboriginals and their connection to land, water and culture.  We use these poles as an opportunity to introduce the children to the customs of the indigenous groups.

Basketball Court

Students can play a variety of ball games on the Basketball Court at the back of the school.  The court was resurfaced several years ago due to generous fundraising efforts.

Porepunkah Recreation Reserve Oval

To provide an additional play area for ball games, students can safely access the Porepunkah Recreation Reserve oval across Martley Street during recess and lunch time.  To facilitate this, the Alpine Shire has provided boom gates to temporarily close Martley Street between the hours of 10am and 2pm. 

Traditional Playgrounds – Big and Small

Our school also offers two traditional playgrounds – the Big Fort for students in years 3-6 and the Small Fort for students in years F-2 along with monkey bars for use by all students.